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Germany Rejects Greek Claim For World War Two Reparations - Yahoo News

check this out /> Many Greeks have blamed euro zone heavyweight Germany for the austerity, leading to the revival of a dormant claim against Berlin for billions of euros of war reparations. As part of a wider appeal to Europe for solidarity, Greece's new finance minister has suggested a parallel between his country and the rise of Nazism in a bankrupt Germany in the 1930s, referring to Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party. Gabriel referred to the "Treaty on the Final Settlement with respect to Germany", also known as the "Two plus Four Treaty" signed in September 1990, by the former West and East Germanys and the four World War Two allies just before German reunification. Under its terms, the four powers renounced all rights they formerly held in Germany. For Berlin, the document, also approved by Greece among other states, effectively drew a line under possible future claims for war reparations. Germany thus denies owing anything more to Greece for World War Two after the 115 http://www.kiwibox.com/lanceoiih/blog/entry/122499925/workout-wednesday-boxing-training-tips/?pPage=0 million deutsche marks it paid in 1960, one of united states 12 war compensation deals it signed with Western nations.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/germany-rejects-greek-claim-world-war-two-reparations-152734113--business.html

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